Curveball 2.0: All About The Flow

by Russell S. Glowatz

Traveling down a big river this weekend with a group of amazing people really set the theme. Pondering large things and small, we discussed the river…the water…the flow. Why it speeds up in some places, why it slows down in others, when there’s rapids and when there’s not. We determined the driving force for all of it is flow. It’s all flow.

From the forming of the Grand Canyon to our synapses burning, we all were created by countless different factors converging and after some bad times, and more times good, there we were. The flow followed the natural order and the result was US. And now flow guides every aspect of our lives; all of us, even non-sentient things. But we have one choice: do we surrender to the flow, or do we fight it?

Like Salmon bracing against the tide, we all go against the flow sometimes. It’s in our basic nature to do so. But more often than not, despite circumstances or because of them, we surrender to the flow and everything’s in its right place. This weekend had its fair share of trials and tribulations with emotions running high, but when we surrendered…in those sweet sweet moments, it was pure bliss. And slowly but surely everything became right, and we just held tight.

-Sitting beside the Delaware River, more or less content, watching the fire die down. 8/18/18

And then after all was said and done, I felt a longing for something more. I needed a therapy session stat. Recalling that Peter Shapiro opened up his venues this weekend to displaced Phish fans, I popped onto the Brooklyn Bowl website. Sure enough a screening of Clifford Ball was going down. So after a grueling day of ten hours packing, traveling, and unpacking, I hopped into my car for the hour ride to Brooklyn. I’m so glad you all were there! Phans from all walks of life basking in the glow of bowling, beer, and Phish. We laughed, we danced, we raged, we cried. Beautiful closure to an emotional rollercoaster of a weekend. And it almost for a moments time felt like a real Phish show!

I love this community, all of you, with every fiber of my being. Together we’ve been through something truly intense this weekend. We surrendered to the best of our ability and maintained the flow of our lives. I think we will all be stronger for it in the end. See you on yonder with brighter days ahead!

-Sitting at home on Long Island, feeling optimistic knowing we’re all safe and sound, and will be together again real soon. 8/20/18

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