Can You Hear Me Bowie?

One of Bowie’s last photos. Posted on Friday, his 69th birthday, and taken by his longtime photographer, Jimmy King.

Cancer sucks! It ultimately took David Bowie down, but it did not beat him, as evidenced by this recent picture, posted Friday on his 69th birthday. While Bowie’s mortal vessel may have sank, his spirit lives on through recordings, the countless artists he’s inspired, and those souls he held close during his too short ride on planet earth. 

There will never be one like you again. A being that transcended so many boundaries and genres to touch diverse minds in every corner of this bright blue ball. We wish you rest and peace on this next stretch of your voyage. And while you are with us no longer, in this realm your legacy will carry you through.


No daylong David Bowie tribute would be complete without Seu Jorge weighing in…


And some Flight of the Conchords to brighten the mood…

Bowie’s In Space

Correction: This post originally stated that the above photo was taken on Bowie’s birthday. Rather it was posted on his birthday, but taken recently.